Pop-X | The mobile Immersive Experience

Next level VR:
immersive multi-person VR experience,
the size of a conference stand

Grab your audience’s full attention by offering a unique experience. Get them to focus on you, without tackling them quarterback-style. Be the buzz in the boardroom and the talk of the town at any conference. Power your story with an immersive experience.

Fit big, bold ideas into a tiny space.

Pop-X helps you achieve your goals. Turn your product launch into a massive hit, bring the wow-effect to your next event, train your team on new products, deliver an epic sales pitch, and so much more. Think about it for a minute. But really, think about it.

A 360-immersive room with story building software that’s easier to use than a microwave, enables you to do anything. The potential is endless.

Pop-X allows you to tell a story that’ll have people fighting over whatever it is your selling. Like the last piece of delicious chocolate cake at a kid’s birthday party.

I can hear you think: “That sounds too good to be true.” And, it is. I’ll be honest with you. Pop-X can’t take you on a roundtrip to Mars, deep-sea diving with a giant squid, or even to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. Although, come to think of it. It can! See, creativity is the only limit. With Pop-X you can immerse your audience in any setting you like.

Whatever it is you’re saying, it should stick. Like post-its on a wall during a design thinking session.

So how does Pop-X make your story stick? The answer is simple. It doesn’t. YOU do.
The PurpleX software, which is easy to learn how to use, enables you to let your creativity speak. It allows YOU to power YOUR story. Or any story for that matter…

The secret success recipe of Pop-x is: Super simple software, compact design, and powerful hardware makes for ultimate flexibility.  We realize it’s now no longer a secret.

Start telling compelling, attention grabbing, money-making, memorable stories today.

Ready to unlock Pop-X potential for your organization? Click the button below and let’s have a talk over coffee, to see what we can do for you.

That might be the only thing Pop-x doesn’t do. Make coffee.