Software Architect(s)

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At Purple we love creative innovation challenges. Join us in our adventure: we design, create and produce great immersive experiences based on 3D/AR/VR tech for our clients. We work for top brands like Interpolis, Microsoft, Nickelodeon, Rabobank, Samsung, SAP and Shell. Our IT Operations team needs extra skilled hands to help expand, improve and grow our Purple-X platform and other services.

Your role

Ideally you are a full stack back-end developer with proven experience in creating smart and robust architectures.

Your job as the lead software architect within Purple lets you work on state of the art technology and concepts. Your main focus will be to extend one of our platforms and get in charge of the technical direction.

You are a self organized and new-technology-curious techhead. We have a bunch of other tech-heads (outsourced) that you will be working with on projects such as the Immersive Experience platform that we have created in the past years. The platform is a web-driven microservices architecture.

Job characteristics

  • Working with other/ outsourced developers and with our local team of skilled designers (2D/3D) and project managers
  • Help creating the best technical experience for our triple A clients
  • Professional curiosity and stamina are more important than age or experience.


  • Strong communication skills – English
  • Experienced software architect
  • Has been working 5 years or more with back-end web technologies
  • Extensive knowledge of Javascript
  • Knowledge and experience in mobile development is preferred although not required
  • Knowledge and/or experience with Unity3D is preferred although not required
  • Experience with Amazon Web Services (and it’s products) is a must
  • Familiarity of frameworks, technologies and practices such as:
    • Node.JS
    • React (optional: React-native)
    • REST API’s (building and interfacing with them)
    • Twelve factor app manifesto
    • PostgreSQL
    • Docker
    • Redis
    • Continuous Integration setups and practices
    • Nginx webserver
    • Linux as operating system (Ubuntu Server)

About Purple

In order to be successful in a constantly changing world, any business should embrace technology and strive to be remarkable. At Purple, we aim for business value for our clients by creating great concepts through new and innovative technologies. We dare to innovate, always challenge the status quo, embrace everything that is new, and focus solely on creating differentiating and remarkable strategies, concepts and productions for you.

To squeeze business value out of digital innovation, that’s our true challenge. We’re inspired by innovative technologies to find new business value for great brands. For example, for Interpolis we developed their strategy of a prolonged experiment to stimulate traffic safety for all of their client segments.

For all strategies, concepts and crazy ideas we have developed for our clients – we take full responsibility to execute and fulfill them as well. We develop in-house and with near-shore partners. We’re fascinated by the newest technologies such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence, virtual and augmented reality technologies, 360 video, spatial audio, app development; you name it, we’re on it.
Our team spirit is special: work hard, play harder is not just an empty phrase. We mix working hard and long days with monthly diners, table tennis matches, Purple Ski trip and other group activities. Why not have fun while working hard?

Curious? Please contact us for more information!